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Programmes for 1957-1958 (8th season)

No copy of the members' card for this season has come to light and the following list was compiled from a cyclostyled sheet giving the programmes for the first part of the season. Can anyone help with the rest?

Friday Sept. 20th, 1957
Joyce Knapton
Friday Oct. 4th, 1957
These I have Loved
Edgar Kay
Friday Oct. 18th, 1957
Music and Words (See Note 1)
Mr. & Mrs. Garbutt (Manchester)
Friday Nov. 1st, 1957
Humour in Music or Youth and Old Age (See Note 2)
Arthur Mulligan
Friday Nov. 15th, 1957
For Better or Worse
Mr. & Mrs. R. Kay (Clitheroe)
Friday Nov.. 29th, 1957
The Music of Debussy
Alan Robinson
Friday Dec. 13th, 1957
Novelty Evening
(No presenter)
Friday Mar.??, 1958
A French Romeo & Juliet (See Note 3)
Eric Dawes

(1) This and the following programme date from a brief period when an attempt was made to elicit programme details from presenters in advance, so that the information could be circulated to members and former members (in the hope of attracting the latter back). The passage relating to Mr. and Mrs. Garbutt's programme reads as follows:

"Mr. & Mrs. Garbutt of Manchester have entitled their programme 'MUSIC AND WORDS'. The music to be played - Operas, Symphonies, Symphonic Poems and Songs - has associations with literary works, the music being inspired by a play, novel or poem, for example - Grieg's Peer Gynt, Delius' Hassan, Berlioz's Harold in Italy, and Bizet's L'Arlesienne."

(2) The corresponding note for Arthur Mulligan's programme reads:

"A recital by another former Chairman of the Society, Mr. A. Mulligan, entitled 'HUMOUR IN MUSIC' or 'YOUTH AND OLD AGE'. Compositions by Mozart, Mendelssohn, Schubert in their 'teens, and music by Verdi and Vaughan Williams in their 80s".

(3)This programme comprised one work only: Berlioz's Romeo and Juliet Symphony, which was presented complete. Although the work is now much more readily available on records, opportunities to hear it in 1958 were rare indeed

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