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Programmes for 1962-1963 (13th season)

Friday Sept. 21st, 1962 Friday Jan. 11th, 1963
A Source of Inspiration Comparative Review
Alan Bracewell Ronald Kay (Clitheroe)
Friday Oct. 5th, 1962 Friday Jan. 25th, 1963
Wilhelm Furtwängler Records presented by
Mr. J. Read (Blackburn) Joe Jackson
Friday Oct. 19th, 1962 Friday Feb. 8th, 1963
Unfamiliar Groove Mozart
Mr. C. Bentley (Bury) Mr. C. R. Horridge (Bury)
Friday Nov. 2nd, 1962 Thursday Feb. 22nd, 1963
They also wrote These From Tristan and Isolde
Arthur Mulligan Eric Dawes
Friday Nov. 16th, 1962 Friday Mar. 8th, 1963
A Stereo Evening at Height Croft (See Note 2) What's in a Name?
by invitation of Tom & Marion Pilling Mrs. K. Westall (Barnoldswick)
Friday Nov. 30th, 1962 Friday Mar. 22nd, 1963
Music and Poetry British Composers
Mr. Gilbert (Barnoldswick) Mr. P. Clark (Darwen)
Friday Dec. 14th, 1962 Friday Apr. 5th, 1963
Man, Nature and Music What's in a Tune?
Stanley Jeeves Albert Sharp
Friday Apr. 26th, 1963
Annual General Meeting

(1)Eric's programme consisted entirely of excerpts from "Tristan".

(2) Although I did not become a member of the Society until nine years later, I believe I was present on this occasion. The programme included the recently-released record of Haydn's "Nelson" Mass, conducted by David Willcocks, and also a record of Richard Strauss's "Don Quixote". As was usual in Tom Pilling's programmes, these were complete works, not excerpts. There were other works too, but I've forgotten what. I think Schubert's "Die Schöne Müllerin" was played, but it was getting late so I made my apologies and set off home. (The Pillings kept very Bohemian hours in those days!) As I was leaving I noticed the aforementioned Schubert record, out and ready to be played. That would be another hour to go!

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