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Programmes for 1971-1972 (22nd season)

Friday Sept. 24th, 1971 Friday Jan. 28th, 1972
Records presented by Three 19th Century Pianist-Composers
Mrs. Kay (Clitheroe G.S.) Arthur Mulligan
Friday Oct. 8th, 1971 Friday Feb. 4th, 1972
Flip side (See Note 1) The Fires of London (See Note 3)
Stanley Burns Michael Dennison
Friday Oct. 22nd, 1971 Friday Feb. 18th, 1972
To Talk of Many Things CANCELLED (See Note 4)
Mr. J. Read (Blackburn G.S.)  
Friday Nov. 5th, 1971 Friday Mar. 3rd, 1972
Music's Magic Carpet CANCELLED (See Note 5)
Alan Bracewell  
Friday Nov. 19th, 1971 Friday Mar. 17th, 1972
It just isn't done (See Note 2) Crtitics All (See Note 6)
Joe Jackson The Committee
Friday Dec. 3rd, 1971 Friday Apr. 14th, 1972
Members' Choice The War Requiem - 10 Years On
Presented by John Singleton Bill Broughton
Friday Dec. 17th, 1971 Friday Apr. 28th, 1972
The World of Opera Modern English Music (See Note 7)
Geoffrey Lovett Brian Davis
Friday Jan. 7th, 1971 Friday May. 12th, 1972
Tranquility An Evening at Leach House
Muriel Guest by invitation of Tom & Marion Pilling
Friday May 19th, 1972
Annual General Meeting

(1) This was the occasion of my joining the Gramophone Society. Stanley's programme consisted of items acquired by chance when the record had been bought for the sake of some other work. It began with Beethoven's "King Stephen" overture and ended with the funeral music from "Siegfried", but what came in between has faded from memory.

(2) I recall two items from this programme. One was the opening movement of Chausson's Piano Quartet, the other was a concerto grosso by John Avison.

(3) This was a very avant garde sort of programme (and not at all to Arthur Mulligan's liking!). It included the whole of "Vesalii Icones" by Peter Maxwell Davies.

(4) Should have been Dorothy Porter's "To Every Thing there is a Season" which was given in the following season.

(5) Should have been Eric Dawes's "Mid European Nationalist Composers" which was given in the following season.

(6) "Critics All" invited members of the audience to exercise their abilities as music critics and comment on the music and/or its performance. Featured works included the scherzo of Schubert's String Quintet in C as played by the Amadeus Quartet (augmented), an extract from a lean, brisk, modern version of Handel's "Messiah", Ravel's Piano Concerto for the Left Hand, and something by Stockhausen. ("Gesang der Junglinge", I think.).

(7) Brian Davis would be the first to agree that his use of the term "Modern English Music" is very far removed from Michael Dennison's! (Note 3) The first half of this programme comprised three symphonic movements: the opening movements of Vaughan Williams's 3rd and 6th respectively, and the finale of Walton's 1st. Neither Brian nor I can remember what came after the interval.

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