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Lord of the Ring - Part II (Derek Haslam, Jan.18th, 1980)

Wagner"Siegfried", Act I. (Prelude and introducing Mime)
Wagner"Siegfried", Act I. (Forging scene)
Wagner"Siegfried", Act II. (Forest murmurs & death of Fafner)
Wagner"Siegfried", Act III. (Brünnhilde's awakening)
Wagner"Siegfried", Act III. (End of love duet)
Wagner"Götterdämmerung", Prologue & start of Act I (Brünnhilde's farewell to Siegfried, the Rhine Journey, and the Gibichung Hall)
Wagner"Götterdämmerung", Act II (Summoning of the Gibichung vassals to Brünnhilde's recognition of Siegfried)
Wagner"Götterdämmerung", Act III (Siegfried's death and Funeral Music; Gutrune scene following)
Wagner"Götterdämmerung", Act III (Brünnhilde's Immolation and end of opera)