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Who Missed Out? (Derek Haslam, Dec.4th, 2009)

Clive Richardson (b.1909)Beachcomber
Bloch (d.1959)Concerto Grosso No.1 (1st and 2nd mvts.)
Krommer (b.1759)Clarinet concerto (1st mvt.)
Foerster (b.1859)Dreaming
Gilbert Vinter (b.1909)Song-Dance Suite
Billy Mayerl (d.1959)Marigold
Minna Keal (b.1909)Cantillation for violin and orchestra
Haydn Wood (d.1959)Piano concerto (2nd and 3rd mvts.)

The fashion for celebrating the half-centenaries, centenaries, sesqui-centenaries, bicentenaries of composers' births and deaths (and whatever names we give to other anniversaries farther back in time which are multiples of 50 years) guarantees a sizeable clutch of composers associated with any given year. In fact the number is usually sufficiently large that many composers get overlooked, especially if they are rather obscure and most of all if they were composers of light music.

2009 saw anniversaries for such major figures as Handel (b.1759), Haydn (d.1809) and Mendelssohn (b.1809) but I have a list of 23 composers who qualify! This programme was an attempt to give a hearing to some of those who did not rate a single appearance in the 2009 Proms.