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Potpourri (Edmund Hirst, Jan.18th,2008)

SuppéOverture "Poet and Peasant"
MozartPiano Concerto (which?)
HummelOboe Concerto
HummelBassoon Concerto
HaydnString Quartet (which?)
Scott Joplin(which piece?)
SpohrClarinet Concerto
SpohrClarinet Concerto (next mvt?)
Gilbert and Sullivan"The Gondoliers" (excerpts)
MahlerSymphony No.4 (adagio?)

I apologise for the paucity of information about this programme. I'm writing this page a long time after the event and I omitted to fill out the details on the presenter's list at the time of the programme. Consequently I don't know exactly which works were played or what movements were selected.

Derek Haslam