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An Afternoon at Finchcocks (John Singleton, Jan.16th,2004)

Finchcocks Finchcocks (right) is an early 18th century manor house near Goudhurst, Kent. It is home to a collection of approximately 100 early keyboard instruments, mostly original (a few are reproductions) and mostly in playing condition. Many of these instruments display beautiful craftsmanship and are as much of a delight to the eye as to the ear. Concerts featuring the instruments are held there on specific dates, but visitors at other times may also be treated to an impromptu concert depending on which musicians or groups of musicians happen to be visiting. For more information visit the Finchcocks website:


Michelangelo RossiToccata PrimaVirginals by Onofrio Guarracino, Naples 1668
D. Gregorio StrozziToccata SecondaSingle-manual harpsichord by Gregori, Sant'Elpidio ?1697
Domenico ScarlattiSonata in C (Pastoral)Double-manual harpsichord by Jacob Kirckman, London 1756
James NaresIntroduction & Fugue in AChamber organ by John Byfield, London 1766
William FeltonAllegro from Suite No.2Square piano by Zumpe et Buntebart, London 1769
Josef HaydnSonata in DGrand piano by John Broadwood & Son, London 1801
BeethovenTwo songs (Ian Partridge)Grand piano by Michael Rosenberger, Vienna c.1795
John FieldNocturne No.12 in GCabinet piano by Muzio Clementi, London c.1825
John FieldBear DanceFortepiano by Conrad Graf, Vienna 1826
MendelssohnTwo Etudes, Op.104Grand piano by John Broadwood & Son, London 1859
ChopinAndante SpianatoFortepiano by Conrad Graf, Vienna 1826
GottschalkScherzo, Op.57 (excerpt)Grand piano by Ignaz Pleyel, Paris 1842
LisztConsolation No.6Grand piano by Erard, London 1866
RossiniTwo waltzesGrand piano by Erard, London 1866
BartokFrom the Diary of a FlyGrand piano by Erard, London 1866
BartokSix Rumanian Folk DancesGrand piano by Erard, London 1866
MozartDivertimento No.1 in CPortable square piano by Anton Walter, Vienna c.1800