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Marching, Waltzing and Mozart (Roger Siddall, Dec.3rd,2004)

FucikFlorentine March
Offenbach"Here you see the place" ("La belle Helène)
Leopold MozartSinfonia di Caccia in G
KomzakWaltz: "Bad'ner Mad'ln"
W.A.MozartFünf Kontertänze, KV609
ZiehrerWaltz: "Weana Mad'ln", Op.388
CoatesMarch: "Calling all Workers"
Johann Strauss IIWaltz: "Wein, Weib und Gesang"
(arr. for string quartet, piano & harmonium by Alban Berg) - See note
 A Strauss Fantasy (arr. Landauer)
Wassmuth (attrib. Leopold Mozart)A Musical Sleigh-Ride
 Goodnight Sweetheart (Al Bowlly, with Ray Noble and his Orchestra)

Schoenberg, Berg and Webern established The Society for Private Performance whose purpose was to introduce new music, not only their own, but by other composers including Debussy and Stravinsky. To this end they made arrangements which could be performed privately by small groups. They didn't have much money and the Society's first concert was a fundraiser consisting of performances of arrangements of Johann Strauss.