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Music from the Movies (John Gilks, Oct.24th 2008)

LevyMarch of the Movies (1936) Gaumont British Cinema
MantosSilent Movie Days (4 emotions) Santiago Mantos
Saint-SaënsThe assassination of the Duc de Guise (1908)
Electrical recording begins 1920-5 (Crooners)
Warner Brothers triumph of sound movies (6/8/26) (Jolson "Jazz Singer" 6/1/27)
BrownPagan Love Song ("The Pagan" Jack Hylton/Sam Browne 29/8/29)
Gaynor/Farrell"If I had a talking picture of you" (Jack Hylton/Sam Browne 21/11/29)
"My brother makes the noises for the talkies" (Arthur Lally and the Millionaires 2/7/31)
"Life is just a bowl of cherries" (Rudy Valee and his Connecticut Yankees 7/8/31)
DebussyDialogue of the Wind and the Sea ("La Mer" 1905)
Bliss"Things to come" (March, LSO/Bliss, 3/3/35)
Voices of the Stars (Jubilee Edition, 1935)
Walt Disney: "Some day my prince will come" ("Snow White", 1936)

Mr. Gilks gave us a fascinating history of the cinema in music, with many examples from his collection of rare and special recordings not otherwise available.