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Fiddling about (Bill Broughton, Oct.22nd,2004)

AnonTarleton's Jig
MonteverdiVespers - Sonata a due
BiberRosary Sonatas - Sonata 1
VivaldiConcerto - "Il Gardellino"
HaydnString Quartet Op.76/2 ("Fifths") - Minuet & Trio
AnonDancing Master's kit, Stroh violin, Phonofiddle
(A demonstration of some very odd fiddles!)
Tveitt"Hardangerfjord" (Played on the Hardanger fiddle)
Paganini"La Campanella" (Alfredo Campoli)
MendelssohnViolin Concerto in E minor (Alfredo Campoli)

Bill's theme was the evolution of the violin and its music from its remote predecessors such as the mediaeval vielle, taking in such unlikely offshoots as the Stroh violin and the phonofiddle. The former was equipped with a soundbox and horn like those of an acoustic gramophone was and used in the days of pre-electric recording when real violins weren't captured effectively by the recording horn. The latter was the "one-stringed fiddle" often played by stage entertainers. Also featured was the Hardanger fiddle, a distinctive Norwegian folk-instrument which is still in use. It has a low bridge, making chord-playing easy, and several sympathetic strings underneath the fingerboard.