Download area

All items are .zip archives except where indicated. Using the files directly from the archives is not recommended and sometimes results in mysterious error messages.

You can use David Pilling's superb !SparkPlug to de-archive them after downloading.
Self-extracting SparkPlug  
(Download and save this file AS HTML, set its type to &FFB (Basic), and run it).

Download Powerbase

Version 10.44 (387 Kb) For all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onward.

Download Reference Manual and Tutorials

PbaseDoc (1.6 Mb) Completely up-to-date Reference Manual and two Tutorials in HTML format, presented as a RISC OS application. This is now the only supported version of documentation.

Download Databases

All the following databases use the new index structure and are not (in this form) compatible with Powerbase versions prior to 9.70. Should you wish to use one of them with an older version of Powerbase, proceed as follows: Old and new index files are readily distinguished by the different colours of their icons.

Miscellaneous Downloads

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