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Programmes for 1973-1974 (24th season)

Friday Sept. 28th, 1973 Friday Jan. 25th, 1974
Countdown Famous Last Works
The Committee Arthur Mulligan
Friday Oct. 19th, 1973 Friday Feb. 8th, 1974
Records presented by Cross-section: 1895
Mrs. Kay (Clitheroe G.S.) Derek Haslam
Friday Oct. 26th, 1973 Friday Feb. 22nd, 1974
Master and Pupil My Favourite Opera (see Note 3)
Alan Bracewell Mrs. M. Whittaker (W.H.Smith's record dept.)
Friday Nov. 9th, 1973 Friday Mar. 8th, 1974
Random Buys (See Note 1) Famous Voices
Harold Eccles Frank Brown
Friday Nov. 23rd, 1973 Friday Mar. 29th, 1974
Plucky Strike Records presented by
Joe Jackson A member of Barnoldswick Music Soc. (Frank Sharples?)
Friday Dec. 7th, 1973 Friday Apr. 5th, 1974
Contemporary Czech Music (See Note 2) Pastures New
Roderick Paton Arthur Pearson
Friday Dec. 21st, 1973 Friday Apr. 26th, 1974
The Violin Members' Choice
John Singleton presented by ???
Friday Jan. 11th, 1973 Friday May. 10th, 1974
More Singers, More Songs An Evening at Leach House
Geoffrey Lovett by invitation of Tom & Marion Pilling
Friday May 17th, 1974
Annual General Meeting

(1) I remember that Harold Eccles included Saint-Saëns' 3rd symphony, but not the rest of his programme

(2) Rod Paton had studied in Czechoslovakia under Jan Kapr and the programme included some of Kapr's music and possibly also some by Alois Haba. The final item was a lengthy orchestral tone poem called "The Song of the South". Does anyone know the composer?

(3) I missed this programme but I believe Mrs.Whittaker's favourite opera was "La Wally" by Catalani.

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