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Programmes for 1975-1976 (26th season)

Friday Sept. 26th, 1975 Friday Jan. 23rd, 1976
Overture Colour and Harmony
Derek Haslam Mr. J. Green (Blackburn G.S.)
Friday Oct. 10th, 1975 Friday Feb. 6th, 1976
Records presented by Sounds Abounding
Mrs. Kay (Clitheroe G.S.) Alan Bracewell
Friday Oct. 24th, 1975 Friday Feb. 13th, 1976
People and Places New World Night
Joe Jackson Eric Dawes
Friday Nov. 7th, 1975 Friday Mar. 5th, 1976
E major and D minor Impromptu (See Note 1)
Arthur Pearson & Stanley Burns The Committee
Friday Nov. 21st, 1975 Friday Mar. 19th, 1976
Alla Bataglia Round Cruise (See Note 2)
John Singleton Geoff George
Friday Nov. 28th, 1975 Friday Apr. 2nd, 1976
Schutz and Vaughan Williams Rambling
Bill Broughton Roger Siddall
Friday Dec. 19th, 1975 Friday Apr. 30th, 1976
Programme to be presented by Members' Choice
the committee presented by Alice Moorhouse
Friday Jan. 9th, 1975 Friday Apr. 14th, 1976
Operatic Journey An Evening at Leach House
Geoffrey Lovett by invitation of Tom & Marion Pilling
Friday May 21st, 1976
Annual General Meeting

(1) Rod Paton of Nelson and Colne College should have presented the Mar.5th programme but was unable to appear. The committee put together an emergency programme at short notice and called it "Impromptu". All I can remember about it is that we began with one of Schubert's piano Impromptus, which seemed very apt. Since that time we have ensured that someone on the committee has a programme in reserve which could be brought out to fill an evening if a speaker fails to turn up.

(2) One item in Geoff George's programme was the just-issued record of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" by David Bedford.

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